Thank you so much for offering your book donations to the San Juan Community Library.   We appreciate your time, energy, and consideration.

We wish to thank everyone for their generous book donations. During our summer break from July 17 - July 28, we ask that book donors do not leave leave book donations at the gate on either the park or avenue side. It is our policy to receive book donations during library operating hours. For the present moment, we are accepting 25 books per family per each donation time.

Please be selective in your book donations, as we reserve the right to accept these donations.  Help us by selecting only books that conform to our book donation guidelines.  Also, please bring these donations during our operating hours.  Please do not leave donations at our gates.  Books are damaged in this way by weather, etc.  (Consider how you would feel sorting through these donations.)

Our book donation guidelines specify that we are not receiving:

*     textbooks

*     encyclopedias

*    specific field books, such as medicine, law, accounting, health.

Only books in excellent or very good condition are acceptable.  Please also refrain from donating obsolete materials such as 10 year old travel and home project books and yellowed, stained or torn materials.

Again, we highly appreciate your book contributions.  Our book donors have been essential in creating a useful and valued community lending library.  It is to this vitality that our volunteers remain dedicated and to which our time and energy must be directed.