adult classes

Some of our adult classes have fees, a portion of which benefits our library.

Giglia Tonini of “Yoga Flex” offers Kundalini Yoga style classes on Monday and Wednesday mornings at 10:15 am.   You can reach Giglia at 787-579-5505.
Watercolor and Acrylic Classes for adults with Thelma Rivera, on Mondays. Series of 8 clases for $150. For information call 787-751-2843 or 787-789-4600.

Conversational English, Spanish, and Italian lessons are available on an individual or group basis. Call Professor Elsa Gomez at 787- 946-9233. Flexible hours to meet your schedule.


Piano Classes: Thursdays from 3 pm a 5:30 pm we are offering piano lessons for children and adults. Classes will be given by Kirine Báez-Rossi, a certified Suzuki Piano teacher. For more information you may call Professor Báez-Rossi at 787-487-2515 or visit


Let our director know if you are willing to help or direct the following activities:  Saturday afternoon chess classes with teenagers (provide guidance, you don’t have to attend every Saturday), Pilates, Calligraphy: am or pm / adults or children.


The Board of Directors of Newcomers Club meets once a month at the library. They are one of the principal sponsors of our goals, and we of theirs.

Please, follow the links and find out about the fun activities that the Newcomers Club has for you.